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Burlee’s Excavation & Drains

Burlee’s Excavation & Drains – Burlee’s Excavation & Drains was founded to provide honest and professional excavation services to homeowners at reasonable prices. The Columbus-based company didn’t need a complex website, but did want an effective sales tool to attract and convert potential customers. Linear Creative used location-specific SEO strategies and offered easy ways for customers to reach the company for 24-hour emergency sewer and water line repairs. We explained Burlee’s services using simple language and gave homeowners solid reasons to trust the excavator. To control the budget, we utilized stock photography and kept page counts to a minimum

Burlee's - Website Design

Website Design: Burlee’s Excavation & Drains

Burlees - Website for iPad

Website iPad Design: Burlee’s Excavation & Drains

Burlees - Website for iPhone

Website Mobile Design: Burlee’s Excavation & Drains

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