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Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Hitchcock Center for Women, Cleveland, Ohio

Hitchcock Center for Women – Women experience addiction differently than men and often face significant barriers to getting the treatment they need to heal and find sobriety. Our experienced and compassionate team created a new website for Cleveland’s Hitchcock Center for Women that will help the addiction treatment center better serve women and mothers in our community struggling with all types of addiction.

Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Geauga County Job & Family Services, Chardon, Ohio

Passion To Help – When Geauga Family Job & Family Services sought to hire committed child protective specialists, Linear Creative developed this powerful recruitment landing page to work with digital recruitment ads targeting specific candidate groups. The landing page intentionally appealed to an individual’s sense of purpose while educating people about the career and how child protective specialists protect vulnerable children and strengthen families.

Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Relish, Newbury, Ohio

Relish – Relish is a procurement provider that offers a comprehensive, intelligent automation platform that fills enterprise software gaps, helping firms get more value from their investments in ERP and S2P mega-suites like SAP Ariba and Coupa. The company needed a fresh, interactive website that conveyed the efficiency and automation of its micro applications, analytics, and data management tools. We are always excited to collaborate with technology companies to help introduce and differentiate their unique offerings to the market.

Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Geauga County Foster and Adopt, Chardon, Ohio

Geauga County Foster and Adopt – Our marketing agency isn’t just about campaigns; we’re about making a difference! We recently partnered with Geauga County Job & Family Services to develop a foster parent recruitment strategy that engaged local audiences emotionally and helped the county recruit enough dedicated foster parents to meet their community’s pressing foster placement needs.

Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northeast Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio

Ronald McDonald House Charities Northeast Ohio – When developing a fundraising landing page for a nonprofit, it’s essential to communicate its mission effectively, incorporate real-life stories that evoke emotions, and include a prominent call to action. View the landing we created for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Ohio to raise donations and help families with sick children stay together when it matters most.

Website Design | Burlee's Excavation & Drains | Linear Creative

Burlee’s Excavation & Drains, Columbus, Ohio

Burlee’s Excavation & Drains – Burlee’s Excavation & Drains was founded to provide honest and professional excavation services to homeowners at reasonable prices. The Columbus-based company didn’t need a complex website, but did want an effective sales tool to attract and convert potential customers. Linear Creative used location-specific SEO strategies and offered easy ways for customers to reach the company for 24-hour emergency sewer and water line repairs. We explained Burlee’s services using simple language and gave homeowners solid reasons to trust the excavator. To control the budget, we utilized stock photography and kept page counts to a minimum.

Website Design | Ohio Cancer Research | Linear Creative

Ohio Cancer Research, Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Cancer Research – As a nonprofit marketing firm in Cleveland, we were thrilled to design and develop Ohio Cancer Research’s website. A nonprofit’s website needs to do many things, but their sites are not always developed properly due to budget constraints. For OCR, we extended Linear Creative’s nonprofit discount to help them reach their goals while providing the highest level of service. OCR’s website was developed using WordPress which allows our client to easily make updates on their own. Because cancer touches everyone, we used a very human approach when it came to the design, featuring photos of actual patients and researchers to encourage people to invest today for a cure tomorrow.

Website Design | David Round Crane Company | Linear Creative

The David Round Crane Company, Streetsboro, Ohio

The David Round Crane Company – The best industrial and website manufacturing websites attract customers, educate them, and convert them. For David Round Company, Linear Creative designed and developed a website to effectively market its custom-engineered material handling products such as jib cranes, hoists, winches, and tractor drives. With an extensive product line, including a monthly “Product Out the Door,” we were also tasked with photographing and retouching a wide range of lifting equipment to showcase the capabilities of their talented engineering team.

Website Design | Nitor Partners | Linear Creative

Nitor Partners

Nitor Partners – As an online marketing agency experienced in corporate website development, Linear Creative was excited when Nitor Partners asked us to redesign and redevelop their website. The leading Source-to-Pay services firm is constantly striving to empower their Fortune 500 clients to achieve procurement excellence. Nitor was looking for a clean, modern, and straightforward website that was optimized for speed and SEO. Because their marketing director is highly skilled at writing and SEO, we were able to migrate their existing content and launch the new site within a very short time period while integrating Hubspot tracking codes for optimum lead capture.

Website Design | Merrick House, Cleveland, Ohio | Linear Creative

Merrick House, Cleveland, Ohio

Merrick House – As a full-service digital agency in Cleveland that offers discounted rates to nonprofits, Linear Creative was happy when Merrick House called upon us to design and develop their new website. As part of a complete rebranding strategy, we created a new logo and tagline for Merrick House that conveys the importance of this thriving neighborhood center that “Lifts Lives and Strengthens Communities.” We wrote all of the copy for the website and developed it using WordPress to make it easy for Merrick House to handle their own updates in the future.

Website Design | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission | Linear Creative

Cuyahoga County Veterans, Cleveland, Ohio

Cuyahoga County Veterans, Cleveland, Ohio – Recently, Linear Creative designed and developed this expansive WordPress website for the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission. The new site needed to resonate with U.S. veterans, while setting the government service agency apart from other local and federal veterans’ organizations. We began by creating a brand new logo and then developed powerful header images featuring a diverse range of military servicemen and servicewomen. Once the framework for the site was established, we migrated content from our client’s original website, making copy adjustments along the way.

Website Design | BodySculpt Columbus | Linear Creative

BodySculpt – Columbus, Ohio

BodySculpt – Columbus, Ohio – is a health and fitness business that offers EMSculpt®. This innovative body contouring service uses non-invasive muscle-contracting technology to help people burn unwanted fat and build muscle in targeted body areas. As a small company with a niche offering, BodySculpt needed a simple and affordable website with built-in lead capture to increase online traffic and consultation bookings. When paired with a paid Facebook campaign, we generated immediate interest and a large call volume that we could track through analytics and a phone answering service.

Website Design | American Limousine, Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio | Linear Creative

American Limousine Service – Located in both Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio

American Limousine – With operating locations in Cleveland and Columbus, American Limousine was looking for a local website agency that offered WordPress development expertise. Linear Creative proved to be the right partner for the premier limousine company serving Northeast Ohio since 1948. To set American Limousine apart as the gold standard in limousine service, we recommended a black and gold theme while showcasing the style and comfort of its expansive luxury vehicle fleet. We also provided copywriting support and implemented SEO tactics to maximize website traffic.

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