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Our Design Experts Will Create The Perfect Look For Your Website.

Every business today needs a website to engage with customers and maintain credibility. When selecting a website developer, they must have graphic design skills to create eye-catching visuals and a cohesive branded look. Visual graphics are an important part of any marketing strategy since high-quality designs will better capture visitors’ attention and keep them returning.

At Linear Creative, we’re masters at website building, but we’re also highly skilled at bringing our clients’ visions to life through original designs. The customized visual content we create can be carried across digital marketing and social media to drive even more traffic to your website.

Are you curious about what it would take to give your website a dynamic edge?

Tips For Creating A Visually Appealing Website

Our clients primarily ask that we build their websites in WordPress because the platform is user-friendly, flexible, and highly functional. When working in WordPress, here are some general design guidelines we follow to create stunning websites that boost brand engagement:

Select The Right Theme

The theme should be professional, polished, and relevant to your brand. Ask yourself, will this theme make the right first impression on my audience?

Strive For A Minialistic Look

Don’t be afraid to use white space while designing with purpose. A clean design will help visitors focus on the actions you want them to take.

Design Your Home Page To Encourage Site Exploration

Create a hierarchy of content with sections that pique visitors’ interest through the use of inviting design elements and compelling copy.

Stick To A Three-Color Limit

Colors should be well thought out to create the right feel and tone. Sometimes using an accent color along with pre-established brand colors is enough to help draw attention to specific call-to-action points.


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Choose Compatible Fonts

The fonts you use should match your brand voice and design theme, but they should also be readable across all devices. No more than two fonts are recommended on a website. You can vary the look through the use of size, italics, boldface, color, shadows, and upper-case characters.

Use High-Quality Photos And Graphics

Images are a powerful way to present information and make it more memorable. Poor-quality photos that are blurry, dark, or just not visually appealing can push people away from your site and hurt your brand.

Incorporate Patterns, Textures And Shapes

Consider making subtle adjustments within backgrounds and sections to keep things interesting. Aim for visually balanced and cohesive elements that will guide the user experience.

Embed A Video On Your Website

An elegant, professionally produced video makes the user’s experience much more interactive. When done right, background videos can be conceptually intriguing and provide smooth transitions.

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