How Linear Creative helped a body sculpting service business increase sales dramatically in just two months

BodySculpt Columbus is a premier provider of EMSculpt®, a popular body-contouring treatment based on high-intensity electromagnetic waves. During an EMSculpt session, an FDA-cleared device induces muscle contractions across targeted areas like the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs resulting in a firmer, sculpted appearance. As part of an integrated marketing campaign, Linear Creative produced a professionally written, 30-second radio commercial for our client and ran it exclusively on the IHeartRadio music app.

Radio commercial intro:

Hey ladies, bikini season is here. Do you have problem areas that just don’t respond to workouts? EMSculpt is a proven and non-invasive muscle contracting procedure that builds muscle and burns unwanted fat.

Are you intrigued after reading this just once? Imagine hearing this message over … and over … and over again on your favorite radio streaming site. Frequency is a powerful selling strategy, forming top-of-mind awareness among consumers. Studies have shown that people need to see or hear a message at least seven times before they’ll act. Most local businesses can’t afford the necessary repetition that sales demand except on radio. Radio remains one of the most cost-effective major forms of media, helping companies sell with immediacy to a highly targeted audience.

Our iHeartRadio strategy maximized every spending dollar and delivered impressive results with campaign performance insights.

The great thing about iHeartRadio is that you can deliver impressions wherever people are listening, whether in a car, on a smartphone, smart speaker, smart TV, or computer. Our message was targeted to narrow demographic audiences within a specific zip code to reach the right customers living near the BodySculpt Columbus office. And using iHeartRadio’s analytics, we had easy access to performance insights that helped measure the campaign’s impact.

Two-month results:

  • Total conversion increase of 120%
  • A conversion rate increase of 107.6%
  • An engagement rate increase of 226.92%

Linear Creative knows how to create dynamic, effective audio advertising and place it where it will achieve the maximum return on investment. Contact us at 440-799-4325 to explore all the cost-effective ways radio advertising can help you reach your business goals.