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The Wagnalls Memorial – Columbus, Ohio

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation Corporate SupportCurious about finding new ways to increase charitable donations? At Linear Creative, we focus on fundraising strategies that make corporate donors feel valued. By showing them WHY their support is needed and RECOGNIZING their contributions, we can increase conversion rates and help our clients reach their fundraising goals. For the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation, we educated Columbus, Ohio’s corporate community on why the historic library serves as a vital resource for children, families, and individuals living in the region.

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Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Donation Campaign

Helping to Educate the Youth of the Columbus Area

The Wagnalls Memorial, established in 1925, has had a long rich history that goes back for decades. The continual purpose of the memorial is to provide children and adults with educational tools that allow them to develop mentally and emotionally. This historic landmark goes well beyond serving the basic fundamental purpose of providing educational resources to the public, Wagnalls serves as a focus point for community-related events, such as, yoga, cooking classes, and coding classes. Wagnalls is more than just your basic library, it’s a community.

With your help, you can support the development of The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation, providing lifelong value to children and the community

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Community Donation Campaign
“It’s a Happy Talent to Know How to Play” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For a kid, play is the first basic level of knowledge and understanding. United States researchers have analyzed the cognitive benefits playing has on the brain of a young child. Not only does active role playing help children develop communication skills, but it provides them with an opportunity to dream and grow aspirations as they continue to develop. Specific skills are developed through a child’s playing ability, such as sharing, resolving conflict, and leadership.

With your help, you can advance the child play facilities located at Wagnalls. Your donation can make a vast difference in the lives of many children in the Columbus area

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Donation Social Media Campaign
“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey, Political Leader

The Wagnalls Memorial has a rich history that goes back for decades. Each piece of architecture and artwork in the structure has meaning behind it. The stone that was used during the construction of the building laid directly behind the estate. Wagnalls has the very town of Lithopolis built into it.

Throughout the building there are wooden sculptures of owls. The carvings were added to the Wagnalls Memorial because during the erection of the site, there was a tree that fell down that had baby owls in it. Mabel chose to commemorate the owls by presenting the wooden sculptures in the original library.

With your help, we can preserve the very history that Wagnalls was built upon. Your donation will go directly to maintain the educational center that has served thousands of people in the surrounding communities

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Corporate Donation Campaign
“My brain is the key that sets me free.” – Harry Houdini, Magician

The Wagnalls Memorial has attracted vast amounts of individuals throughout the years for shows, entertainment, town gatherings, and much more. One notable individual who was in frequent contact with Mabel Wagnalls was the world renown magician Harry Houdini. The notorious entertainer, good friends with Mabel, understood the importance of educating the mind, and although he did not attend any official school, he used the resources accessible to him to educate himself.

The Wagnalls Memorial continues to serve as a valued source to the community, educationally, socially, and personally. With your help, we can preserve the history of the Wagnalls Memorial and make some magic of our own. Your donation will provide additional educational and/or social resources that are offered to the families in the Columbus area

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Community Support Campaign
“Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning.” – Diane Ackerman, American Poet

The Wagnalls Memorial Library, erected in honor of Adam and Anna Willis Wagnalls, makes learning for children exciting. The various play spaces throughout the memorial provide young kids an opportunity to learn in a stimulating space, whether that may be on the ‘farm’ or at the Lego table. According to The Center of Parenting Education, “if children are deprived of play, their long term capabilities related to problem solving, social skills, and academic areas could be lessened.”

With your help, you can fund the development of the young minds of the future by investing in various play spaces that assist mental growth

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Branded Donation Campaign
“Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to other who may not have noticed.” – Norman Rockwell

Each piece of art throughout The Wagnalls Memorial has value and meaning. Throughout the Tudor-Gothic structure hangs distinguished pieces of artwork from Norman Rockwell, such as the Smiles in Belgium Once More (1919) piece. The notable New York based artist created pieces that inspired and emphasized the relentless free American spirit.

With your help, you can add to the monumental history of The Wagnalls Memorial. Any amount helps us grow as a community resource and leader

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Support Campaign
“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

The Wagnalls Memorial possesses a vast amount of history that is lined throughout the hallways and the libraries. Along the walls hang intricately sculpted grape vines with bunches of grapes to represent fullness and fulfillment. The center stain glass window tells a story of its own showing the State of the Ohio Seal, a printing press, a log cabin, the lamp of learning, and the Seal of the United States.

With your help, you can add to the monumental history of The Wagnalls Memorial. Any amount helps us grow as a community resource and leader

Wagnalls Memorial Donation Campaign

Wagnalls Foundation Social Media Appeal
Misere, Stars of the Opera, The Palace of Danger, Rosebush of a Thousand Years, Light in the Valley, The Mad Song.

Ever heard of any of these notable pieces of literature? Mabel Wagnalls, an American author, ranks among some of the best writers in history, writing a total of nine unforgettable novels. During her lifetime (1869-1946), there were many great novelists who were writing memorable pieces, such as William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Robert Frost, and Ernest Hemingway. In a time of highly competitive writing, Mabel distinguished herself amongst the ranks of many through her unwavering spirit and determination. Mabel Wagnalls, although notable for her professional achievements, is most well remembered through her character and vibrant personality that radiated in any room. Here at Wagnalls Memorial Library, we take great pride in remembering her very spirit through paintings, literary pieces, quotes, and the building itself.

With your help, you can preserve the abundant history of The Wagnalls Memorial. Any amount helps us grow as a community resource and leader. Mabel’s commitment to help others is our mission and goal.

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