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20+ Years’ Experience  |  Trusted Marketing Experts |  Proven Creative Solutions 

For over 20 years, Linear Creative has partnered with small and large organizations to help them grow and thrive through tailored marketing strategies.

With so many marketing firms in Ohio, how can you tell which one will be the perfect fit? It all comes down to creativity, customization, and communication.

Our dedicated specialists will meet with you to identify your goals and create a marketing plan based on your budget. We focus on maximizing your ROI and achieving measurable results to help you get ahead of the competition.

Read our agency snapshot below to see why we are different and what we can accomplish for you.  

We see things differently.

  • Over 20 years in business affords us great perspective and experience.
  • Improving people’s lives is what motivates us, not profits.
  • We practice “empathy marketing,” focusing on human connections and audience needs.
  • We champion inclusivity and advocate for underserved populations.

Our advantages.

  • We have extensive nonprofit experience relating to helping organizations and individuals thrive.
  • We offer a generous nonprofit discount.
  • We’re flexible and responsive.
  • We keep our overhead low, which makes your dollars go farther.
  • We get you results and make you look good.
  • We create stunning designs that get noticed.
  • We produce everything in-house, on-time, and on-budget.
Nonprofit Marketing | Ronald McDonald House NEO Video | Linear Creative

Ronald McDonald House NEO Video

Nonprofit Marketing | Future Ready Columbus Brochure | Linear Creative

Future Ready Columbus Brochure

Digital Marketing | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Health Action Council | Find The Right Health Care | Digital Awarness Campaign

A Streamlined Timeline Process.

We Work Efficiently And Effectivley To Meet All Deadlines.

Our team will develop a production schedule for each project or campaign with responsibilities outlined for our agency and client. This ensures a smooth exchange of information and holds us accountable for all deliverables. We are flexible to work with and are accustomed to collaborating with multiple stakeholders. We perform all work in-house and consistently meet our clients’ most pressing needs.

Project Details Approved

When we kick off a new project, we identify priorities and gain strategy approval before moving forward with the creative process. Deliverable dates are planned and agreed upon at the start of every project.

Project Management

We document all aspects of a project and keep our clients updated at every stage. Typically, Liz will function as your primary point of contact, but you will have access to the expertise of all our core team members. Liz will provide you with a production schedule to keep track of key dates.

Copywriting Stage

Our copywriter will work with you to develop compelling copy that reflects the style and tone of your brand. For digital projects, she will employ best SEO tactics to maximize website traffic. You will have the opportunity to revise the copy before it goes into the design stage.

Design Stage

Preliminary design concepts will be shown for approval. Once the design is approved, we will carry it through the rest of the project and methodically build out campaigns.

Most of the copy should be approved at this stage, but content changes are still welcome. We implement an approval process to ensure the highest quality standards.

Audience Build

Based on an approved media plan, we build out any audiences that need to be targeted.

A/B Testing

Some digital projects like landing pages and email blasts warrant A/B testing to determine which elements will perform the best.

File Handoff / Launch

Final approved files are prepared and handed off to you or your vendors for publishing or printing.

Fine Tuning

There is no “set it and forget it” at Linear Creative. Every campaign is treated with care like it’s a living thing. At various stages, our primary question is what worked and what can we do better?

Sample Marketing Campaign Timeline

(timeline is for reference only):

Marketing Program | Kick Off Information | Linear Creative

Kick-off + Information Gathering:
1-2 Weeks

Marketing Strategy | Linear Creative

Strategy + Copywriting Development: 2-3 Weeks

Marketing Program | Graphic Design | Linear Creative

Design: 3-4 Weeks

Marketing Campaign | Review + Approval | Linear Creative

Review + Approval: 1-2 Weeks

Marketing Campaign Launch | Linear Creative

Launch: Based on campaign

Marketing Campaign | Reporting | Linear Creative

Reporting: Based on launch of campaign

Health Action Council

Campaign: Leveraging Purchasing Power to Gain New Members


Combined data-driven digital strategies with creative designs and messaging aimed at high-level decisionmakers at large companies.


  • Tailored messages addressed the pain points of different audiences
  • Paid and non-paid social media campaigns
  • Dedicated landing pages with lead magnets


  • Click-through rate of 235% above industry standards
  • Eventual acquisition of 20 large enterprise members
Expanding Membership Marketing | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Health Action Council | Find The Right Health Care | Digital Awarness Campaign

Youngstown Business Incubator

Campaign: Raising Support for Successful Businesses and Minority Entrepreneurs


Linear Creative interviewed and photographed a diverse group of Youngstown entrepreneurs and featured them in a fundraising brochure and postcard series targeted at high-level donors.


  • Gave the YBI sales team valuable tools to secure funding support from corporations
  • Highlighted the diverse entrepreneurial talent of the region
  • Helped connect clients with available resources
Membership Marketing | Youngstown Business Incubator | Linear Creative

Youngstown Business Incubator | Digital & Print Awarness Campaign | Nonprofit

Ohio Children’s Alliance / Ohio Department
of Job & Family Services

Campaign: Increasing the Number of Qualified Foster Parents in Ohio


Developed informative website and comprehensive advertising campaign with the goal of recruiting loving families
to foster teenagers, sibling groups, and children with intensive needs.

  • Targeted regional campaign by areas of the greatest need
  • Diverse messaging including appeals to foster children of color who are disproportionally placed in foster care
  • Paid Facebook ads, digital ads, bus graphics, and billboards


  • Consistent and recognizable statewide messaging and graphics
  • New inquiry forms created as a hub for prospective foster parents and foster agencies
  • Individual agencies are currently measuring the success of the new campaign rollout
Digital & Print Marketing | Ohio Department Of Job & Family Services | Linear Creative

Ohio Department Of Job & Family Services | Digital & Print Marketing | Nonprofit

Columbus School of Practical Nursing

Campaign: Increasing Student Enrollment While Supporting Diversity Goals


Created diverse advertising campaign with elements that included landing pages with lead capture, Facebook/Google/PPC ads, print ads, bus graphics, and information cards.


  • Nearly a 50% increase in enrollment in less than six months
  • Achieved an 80% increase in male nursing students
  • Increase revenue by $270,000 during the fall enrollment period
Enrollment Marketing | Columbus City Schools, School of Nursing | Linear Creative

Columbus City Schools, School of Nursing | Enrollment Campaign | Nonprofit

Trusted by Business and Nonprofit Leaders

“Linear Creative made the creative process fast, easy, and affordable. The number of inquiries, leads, and students enrolled has not been this high in years for our Practical Nursing Program. They gave us outstanding design solutions and simple, effective messaging that yielded INCREDIBLE RESULTS. I highly recommend their team to any school looking to increase its enrollment numbers.”

Mindy Bobich
Practical Nursing Admissions / Communications Coordinator, Columbus School of Practical Nursing

“Health Action Council partnered with Linear Creative to develop and execute a large and complex digital media ad campaign to support our brand initiatives and sales strategy. The campaign was a success in both lifting brand awareness and providing qualified leads for our sales team. Linear Creative worked diligently to locate new avenues for exposure to our target audience which ultimately aided in the resounding success of Health Action Council getting in front of exactly the right buyers and decision makers.”

David Phillips
Operational & Special Projects Leader, Health Action Council

“The Linear Creative staff is responsive, professional, and talented. They worked with us through a challenging transition period and helped us establish the long-term tone and vision for our work. Linear’s copywriting and design work are high-quality, and we’re grateful for the hard work they put in to take our campaign to the next level.”

Gabrielle Judy
Program Coordinator, Foster Recruitment, Ohio Children’s Alliance


“Linear Creative has been our creative partner for over 14 years; meeting all of our design, print, photo, video, e-communications and promotional needs. Their team helps us develop compelling materials to promote our Crisis Nursery’s mission to keep children safe and families together.”

Natalie A. Leek
President & CEO, Providence House

What Media Can We Produce?

Literally Everything, All In-house.

  • Brand Development & Revitalization
  • Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing (Social, Google, Display, SEO)
  • Website Development & UX
  • Photography & Videography (Including Aerial Drone)
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Planning
  • Direct Mail & Print Collateral
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Outreach
  • Research
Event Marketing | Wagnalls Memorial | Campaign | Linear Creative

Wagnalls Memorial | Event Marketing Campaign | Nonprofit


If you fill out the brief form below, we will get back to you very soon with answers to your questions. You can also give us a call right now at 440.799.4325 and we will be happy to discuss your project and provide a custom quote based on your specific needs.

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