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All websites that Linear Creative designs and develops can be viewed on all devices with minimal navigation. Mobile-first, mobile-friendly is the approach we take.

For over 20 years, Linear Creative has been helping businesses and nonprofits transform their online presence through beautifully designed and highly functional websites.  

Every WordPress website we create is driven by purpose and uniquely tailored to our clients’ objectives. Whether you are a small startup or a large, solidified company, our team of experts will work with you to prioritize your goals and provide clear direction for achieving and measuring success.

 With Linear Creative, you’ll get a first-class website that accurately reflects the quality of your organization.

Our Website Design & Development Offering

End-To-End Solutions That Optimize Growth Opportunities And Deliver Amazing User Experiences.

Website Design

While we used to start from a blank slate, we now use WordPress themes as a base and then customize them with original agency designs that are visually stunning and unique to each customer’s brand. We strive to create websites that take users on a fresh, engaging journey that’s simple to navigate. Our shift to WordPress has been largely driven by clients who prefer and request the widely-used content management system for their own software needs.

Content Development

Our copywriter will work with you to identify key content areas and establish the tone you want to take. She can freshen up existing copy or write your entire website. Either way, she’ll be focused on communicating your message in a concise, digestible format while implementing best SEO practices.

Website Development

Once a theme has been purchased and the design elements have been approved, our web developers will begin with a framework that’s aligned with your page goals. While the WordPress dashboard may look simple, there’s a pretty high difficulty level when it comes to coding and understanding all the plugins and their functionality. It is during this stage that we populate new content or migrate content from an existing site. We house our files on a temporary, private, non-searchable test site so you can view our progress 24/7. As for database administration and development, we handle that too.

Website Design | Simply Instrumental Consulting | Home Page | Linear Creative
Website Design | Future Ready Columbus | Linear Creative
Website Design | Creative Cuisine | Linear Creative
Nonprofit Website Design & Development | Zollikon Institute | Linear Creative
Landing Page Design | Ohio Sky Drone | Linear Creative, Ohio
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Where do we start? With the basics. We offer keyword competitor research so the highest-ranking keywords can be integrated into your page content. We use the right headlines. We place the right copy in the right places. We link and we backlink. We tag. We integrate social media, email marketing, and blogs. We use automated tools. Google and other search engine algorithms are constantly in flux, but our goal is unchanging: to increase your page rankings – which increases traffic – which increases business.

Responsive Website Design

All new sites that Linear Creative designs and develops can be viewed on all devices with minimal navigation. Mobile-first, mobile-friendly is the approach we take, knowing people are not just engaged, but married to their smartphones.

Complete Integration

Being fully knowledgeable of your other marketing efforts will help us maximize your website’s performance. Your advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail, blog and any other efforts can be strategically integrated into the site build for optimum inbound/outbound results.

Website Design | E-Typist | Linear Creative
Future Ready Columbus Website Design 2
Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of our favorite ways to attract and convert online visitors. Typically used as a standalone site, a successful landing page focuses on specific campaign goals and utilizes custom forms to generate trackable leads delivered right to your inbox. We’ve had great success driving traffic to landing pages from social media, banner ads, email campaigns, direct mail, and more.

Domain And Hosting Service

While we prefer clients assume responsibility for their own hosting and domain services, we do provide the option to coordinate and purchase both services through Linear Creative. We can research and secure domain names for one year or multiple years. Likewise, we can recommend and purchase a hosting plan on your behalf. We typically secure domain names early on to ensure availability

Ecommerce Websites Design and Development

Ecommerce is a great way to generate sales and expand your customer or donor base. Before we jump into setup mode, however, we like to make sure of two things: 1) Is there is a viable plan in place to generate traffic?; and, 2) Is there an engaging story or storefront to entice action? Instead of just placing DonateNow, PayPal, Shopify, Squarespace, or some other platform, we look at ways to heighten the user experience.


Prior to launch, we dot all our “i’s” and cross all our “t’s.” Every website undergoes thorough proofreading before it publishes live. Our web developers follow a series of protocols before placing your website on a hosting server. This includes: adding SEO; testing the site across multiple browsers and devices; confirming domain name registration; implementing a sitemap; adding appropriate tags and links; placing analytics; validating codes, and making a backup copy of all website files.

Best Website Design Agency | The David Round Crane Company | Linear Creative
Top Website Design Agency | The David Round Crane Company | Linear Creative
Ohio Based Website Agency | The Legacy Group | Linear Creative
Top Website Marketing Agency | The Legacy Group | Linear Creative
Wordpress Based Website Design Company | Relish Website | Linear Creative
Website Training

Some of our clients are very hands-on and want the ability to make basic updates to their websites. We provide scheduled in-person, phone, and Skype training for content management or other applications as needed. You’ll receive a leave-behind guide and the assurance of knowing we’re just a phone call away.

Website Maintenance and Security

Most of our clients choose to take advantage of personalized maintenance and security plans that include content updates, plugin updates, analytics and reporting, hack prevention, and malware cleanup. Whether it’s a monthly agreement or per-project fee, a little investment now can save unexpected downtime, embarrassment, and costly site rebuilding later.


Our web developers are often called upon by new clients to troubleshoot and solve difficult problems related to websites that Linear Creative did not create. Their can-do attitude and critical thinking skills continually amaze us non-techies!

Why Should You Choose Linear Creative?

We are goal oriented. We’ll examine your specific goals at the start to ensure long-term success and help you get the greatest return on your marketing investment . Sample goals include:

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Increase program participation or enrollment
  • Improve awareness
  • Showcase a new offering
  • Establish or elevate brand recognition
  • Reposition yourself in the market
  • Automate and streamline website processes

Our designs are top-notch. All website designs are created by our senior-level designers who will present the best concepts for your brand. You’ll be amazed at your website’s transformation!

Nonprofit Website Design | Donation Portal | Wagnalls Memorial | Linear Creative
Best Cleveland Website Design Agency | Buckley King | Linear Creative

We live and breathe SEO. Our copywriters employ the latest SEO tactics to optimize opportunities for reaching the right audience and increasing site traffic.

We are fast, flexible, and responsive. We deliver personalized service and can adapt to changing needs. We operate with a sense of urgency without impacting the high quality of our work. A dedicated project manager will keep you updated on our progress.

We have a full suite of integrated marketing services. From digital marketing and copywriting to videography and drone photography, we can support the most robust marketing strategies with dedicated in-house services.

We value honesty and integrity. Too often, we hear of website business practices that don’t put the client first. We strive to give every client the best solution for their business and never overcharge for services, bells, or whistles they don’t need.

Ready to revitalize your website?

Linear Creative can help your website become established, visible, re-energized, and relevant to your audience. We will work with you as a partner in a seamless process to create a first-class website that reflects the quality of your organization while delivering a positive user experience.

Being fully knowledgeable of your other marketing efforts, Linear Creative can help you to maximize your website’s performance. Your advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, direct mail, blog, and any other efforts can be strategically integrated into the site build for optimum inbound / outbound results.

Website Development & Design | Senor Pepes | Linear Creative

Partnerships And Recognitions That Drives Success

Working with Linear Creative gives you access to a team of marketing professionals who combine their talents and expertise with the latest data-driven technologies to help your company grow and get recognized within your specific industry.

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