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Do You Need A Marketing Recruitment Agency?

When evaluating whether you need outside support to attract workers for hard-to-fill roles or boost enrollment for a school, ASK YOURSELF:

> Have I been able to solve staffing shortages on my own?

> Am I receiving enough applications from qualified candidates?

> Am I hitting enrollment targets for my program or school?

> Do I have the knowledge, creative resources, and technology to implement an integrated digital recruitment campaign?

> Am I nurturing candidates, moving them through the funnel, and motivating them to complete an application?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you could use a little help attracting the right talent for your workforce or students for your education program. With our customized solutions, we can provide a tailored recruitment strategy that meets your short-term goals, long-term goals, and budget parameters.

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Our Recruitment Services

Not all of our clients have dedicated HR departments. Often an organization’s HR team is busy juggling multiple tasks and doesn’t have the time or expertise to execute an integrated marketing recruitment campaign.

Linear Creative bridges the gap for these organizations, helping them attract qualified people amidst a challenging workforce environment. We ask the right questions, learning who your ideal candidate is and what you can offer them. Then we get to work, crafting persuasive messages and content that stand out in high-demand fields like social work, childcare, and healthcare, to name a few.

Take a look at all the ways we can simplify or enhance your marketing recruitment efforts:

Website Optimization

Are your career and job listing pages optimized for search engines with high-ranking keywords, H1 and H2 headlines, and the proper meta descriptions? We make it possible to drive more organic traffic to your website and job postings.

Customized Campaign Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all approach with Linear Creative. Every marketing recruitment campaign is completely customized with integrated components and tactics that we have found to be successful for other clients.

Recruitment Landing Page

typically begin with a brief ad or post that simply can’t provide enough specific content that will motivate a potential candidate to act. When developing recruitment landing pages, we put ourselves in the candidate’s place and create a hierarchy of information that effectively communicates “what’s in it for me.” Bold design layouts are often combined with videos and testimonials to help convert interested parties to applicants.

Tailored Messages With The Right Digital Marketing Matrix

Our advertising approaches include micro-targeting tactics and the placement of ads across multiple touchpoints and on every device to reach your audience where they are participating the most.

Display And Social Media Ads

Luring your ideal candidate requires that you first get noticed across saturated platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Linear Creative strives to create ads with bold visuals and compelling messages that deviate from the norm, making people stop and pay attention, switching them from passive job seekers to active job seekers.

Paid Search Ads

It is estimated that 70% of job searches begin on Google. Knowing this, paid search engine marketing is necessary to move your job postings up in the ranks to attract qualified candidates. Our team specializes in Google PPC ads, helping stretch each dollar to fill hard-to-fill roles.

Professional Quality Videos

From initial concept and script writing to on-site footage, animation and editing, we develop all recruitment videos in house for use in television broadcast or social media marketing.

Tracking And Measurment

Clients today expect integrated marketing strategies grounded in data. We track our efforts to know what’s working best at every stage and report on results regularly. Tracking allows us to modify our strategy at given time, shifting messages and delivery vehicles to maximize results.

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Competing successfully in today’s labor shortage starts with understanding the wants and needs of your specific candidates, communicating what sets your offering apart, and priming the talent pipeline within your community. From temporary and contract workers to freelance, part-time, and full-time hires, our team can help you engage with workers across multiple industries and careers to identify, attract, and deliver applicants to your door.

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