Marketing Videos For Social Media: A Powerful Way To Drive Website Traffic And Elevate Your Brand

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We Create Affordable Social Media Videos That Help You Stand Out.

Research shows that video assets drive a much higher conversion rate than static ads on social media platforms. Videos use movement and sound to capture people’s attention and have the potential to keep them from scrolling. When testing video ads against static ads for our clients on Facebook, we found prospects were 30 times more likely to click through video ads to land on a website page.

Video has definitely changed the way people consume content. According to Sprout Social, 93% of social media marketers who use video say it’s a vital part of their social media marketing strategy. On top of this, users will retain 95% of a message watched on video as opposed to only 10% read in text.  

 So, what’s holding you back from using video as a social media marketing tool? Is it because you don’t know where to start? Is it hard to find the time to create video content? Do you think it will be too expensive? Don’t worry – our in-house videographer can handle all the heavy lifting for you – at a very affordable price.

Our Social Media Video Production Lets You Leverage The Power Of Storytelling.

Linear Creative’s video specialists have been producing unique and highly effective videos for over a decade. We have extensive experience creating social media videos for clients across different domains, including nonprofit, technology, industrial, finance, education, retail, and more.

Using videos in social media marketing can be beneficial for many reasons:

1. Higher engagement

Videos are more captivating compared to text and static images. Users are more likely to watch and share videos, which can result in increased visibility and reach for your brand.

 2. Dynamic medium for storytelling

With video, you can use animation, motion graphics, and audio to complement storytelling techniques. Video storytelling allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience, making your brand more memorable and relatable.

3. Increased visibility

Social media algorithms often prioritize video content, displaying them more prominently in a user’s feed. Utilizing videos can help improve your organic reach and chances of being discovered by a wider audience.

4. Enhanced brand personality

Videos allow you to showcase your brand’s personality in a more vibrant and engaging manner. Humanizing your brand helps foster trust, loyalty, and stronger connections with your audience.

5. Improved SEO

Video content can positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, especially when your video script is well-written. Sharing videos on social media can increase users’ time spent on your website and improve overall engagement metrics.

6. You can accomplish a lot in 30-60 seconds!

Videos as short as 30 seconds are an excellent fit for social media platforms where it’s difficult to seize an audience’s attention for an extended time. A concise, direct, entertaining script that gets fully watched and understood is more valuable than long-form content people abandon.

7. Accessible content

Videos can be created with captions and transcripts, making them accessible to hearing-impaired individuals.

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Put Our Video Production Advantages To Work For You

Concept Development And Script Writing

Our experienced video script writers take an audience-driven approach, engaging viewers from start to finish with content that aligns with their personas, needs, and values.

Full Production Capabilities

From on-site footage and motion graphics to voiceovers and editing, we handle projects from script to screen, supplying formats compatible with specific platforms.

Scalable Efficiencies

Whenever possible, we create short social media videos from longer existing videos to get the most mileage out of your video investments.

Transparent Pricing

We have a straightforward pricing model with no surprises or hidden charges. You’ll know exactly how much your video will cost before we get started.

Fast Turnaround Times

Because we produce our videos in-house, we’re never at the mercy of outside parties. We adhere to production timelines and keep our clients updated throughout the process.

To Hit Your Video Marketing Goals,
Start With A Simple Hello.

If you fill out the brief form below, we will get back to you very soon with answers to your questions. You can also give us a call right now at 440.799.4325 and we will be happy to discuss your project and provide a custom quote based on your specific needs.

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