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At Linear Creative we utilize the latest trends and state-of-the-art technologies in online marketing in order to reach the goals of your company or organization. Online marketing can help you reach the top of search engines and improve your overall Internet presence. By using Social Media, Google Adwords, Email marketing, and SEO best practices Linear Creative will create a custom-made strategy that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing consists of a variety of online strategies that identify, attract, and retain customers. Unlike many traditional marketing methods, digital marketing efforts are much easier to track. This means you’ll be able to understand your ROI and how your marketing efforts are affecting the bottom line.

Not only is online marketing more trackable than traditional marketing, but it’s also less expensive. Focusing your digital marketing efforts where users already spend most of their time online means you get higher-quality, more engaged leads.

Facebook Marketing | Columbus City School Of Nursing | Linear Creative

Columbus City School Of Nursing | Facebook Marketing

Online Marketing | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Health Action Council | Online Marketing

Content Creation

We work closely with you to develop a voice and tone that supports your brand.

Email Marketing

Add email marketing to your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is an effective way to convert prospects into customers and generate repeat sales.

Social Media Marketing

We engage with and build your customer base by implementing a social media strategy that is the perfect fit for your clientele.

Google Ads

Using Google’s advertising program, Google Ads, we can get your business the attention it needs at just the right time and place.

Marketing Automation

We can build full-featured marketing automation platforms into your  websites to optimize your marketing with powerfully integrated data actions.

Search Engine Optimization

By optimizing your website with the most up-to-date SEO best practices you will see an improvement in search engine rankings, resulting in an increase of views, and ultimately leads, for your business

Case Studies:

• Case Study: Membership

• Case Study: Right Care

• Case Study: Enrollment

• Case Study: Law

Social Media Marketing | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Find The Right Care| Health Action Council | Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Health Action Council | Online PPC Marketing

Google Ad Marketing | Columbus City School Of Nursing | Linear Creative

Columbus City School Of Nursing | Google Ad Marketing

Integrated Online Solutions

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful online marketing strategy, and integrating all the pieces can be quite challenging.

At Linear Creative, we work with our clients to develop key messages that can be developed seamlessly across multiple platforms to help you elevate your brand and achieve specific goals.

Our tactics include:

• Agreeing on a clear brand narrative
• Developing new websites or improving existing ones
• Creating dedicated landing pages with lead capture
• Writing content that’s easily digestible, relevant, and engaging
• Choosing the right social media channels
• Establishing an organic search vs. paid search balance
• Keywords, keywords, keywords
• Creating a quality offering
• Online ads (banner ads, social media ads, Google AdWords)
• Integrating video
• Search, blog, email marketing
• Analyzing performance

Leverage our experience and learn how our team can support your Social Media Marketing and Website Development needs.

Ever Considered A Digital Audit?

As digital communications continue to expand, companies are realizing the importance of measuring their online marketing initiatives. We can perform a comprehensive digital audit on your website and social media channels to evaluate key areas such as:

  • Brand Identity and Narative
  • Traffic Breakdown
  • Page Session
  • Search Queriers 
  • SEO Analysis
  • Top Pages
  • Conversion Sources
  • User Experience
  • In-Market Interests
  • Adwords Performance
  • Paid Social Media Ad Performance
  • Social Media Channel Performance
  • Research
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

Launching a digital audit involves a number of tools and a considerable amount of time, but the investment yields a detailed analysis that provides valuable insight into how your programs are performing. We not only report our findings but recommend the next steps to improve your ROI.

If you are interested in learning more about Linear Creative’s integrated online solutions or digital auditing services, reach out to Ray at 440.799.4325

Partnerships And Recognitions That Drives Success

Working with Linear Creative gives you access to a team of marketing professionals who combine their talents and expertise with the latest data-driven technologies to help your company grow and get recognized within your specific industry.

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