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Responsive Website Design

Mobile-friendly websites are now the industry standard. Don’t fall behind the competition.

With the dramatic shift to mobile devices in recent years, customers expect a fast and seamless experience when viewing websites on their smartphones and tablets. It only takes seconds to lose a potential or existing customer due to lag times or poor navigation. An investment in a mobile-responsive website delivers immediate benefits and prevents your company from falling behind the times.

Nitor Partners – As an online marketing agency experienced in corporate website development, Linear Creative was excited when Nitor Partners asked us to redesign and redevelop their website. The leading Source-to-Pay services firm is constantly striving to empower their Fortune 500 clients to achieve procurement excellence. Nitor was looking for a clean, modern, and straightforward website that was optimized for speed and SEO. Because their marketing director is highly skilled at writing and SEO, we were able to migrate their existing content and launch the new site within a very short time period while integrating Hubspot tracking codes for optimum lead capture.

Key benefits to creating that seamless responsive website experience.

Consistent Viewing Across all Devices

All websites that Linear Creative designs and develops can be viewed on all devices with minimal navigation. Mobile-first, mobile-friendly is the approach we take.


Content Development

Work with our copywriter to identify key content areas and establish the tone you want to take. Our copywriter can freshen up your existing copy or write your entire website.

Keyword, Keyword, Keywords

We use a variety of methods, including competitor research, to identify the best and most relevant keywords for your website. Using keywords within your website and your other marketing channels helps create an integrated marketing approach.


Website Maintenance and Security

Take advantage of our personalized maintenance and security plans which includes plugin updates, content updates, analytics and reporting, hack prevention, and malware cleanup.

Cuyahoga County Veterans, Cleveland, Ohio – Recently, Linear Creative designed and developed this expansive WordPress website for the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission. The new site needed to resonate with U.S. veterans, while setting the government service agency apart from other local and federal veterans’ organizations. We began by creating a brand new logo and then developed powerful header images featuring a diverse range of military servicemen and servicewomen. Once the framework for the site was established, we migrated content from our client’s original website, making copy adjustments along the way.

Why a responsive website is important.

  • Unified and easy navigation across all devices
  • Better user experience translates into higher conversions and repeat business
  • Improves rankings in search engines due to faster load times
  • Increases the amount of time people will spend on your site
  • Easier website maintenance and SEO implementation

Burlee’s Excavation & Drains – Burlee’s Excavation & Drains was founded to provide honest and professional excavation services to homeowners at reasonable prices. The Columbus-based company didn’t need a complex website, but did want an effective sales tool to attract and convert potential customers. Linear Creative used location-specific SEO strategies and offered easy ways for customers to reach the company for 24-hour emergency sewer and water line repairs. We explained Burlee’s services using simple language and gave homeowners solid reasons to trust the excavator. To control the budget, we utilized stock photography and kept page counts to a minimum

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