TOTAL REBRANDING CAMPAIGN: Digital Ads, Landing Page, Literature, Video, Radio Spots, Billboard, Bench Signs, and more.

Columbus City Schools, Department of Adult & Community Education – School of Practical Nursing

The Columbus School of Practical Nursing is a nationally accredited 12-month program offered through the Columbus City Schools Department of Adult and Community Education. After 60 years of excellence, the nursing program had experienced a significant decline in student enrollment, and called upon Linear Creative to help fill their class seats.

Because diversity was important to our client, we created different messages for different groups, and attempted to connect with males who typically did not enroll in the program. We developed an integrated online strategy and tied all of the newly branded elements together, measuring results and adjusting our efforts along the way.

As for student enrollment, we nearly doubled it in a short period of time!

Nursing School Ad 1a
Nursing School Ad 2
Nursing School Ad 3

Tip: Having a good brand helps you stand out from the competition, connects you with prospects, adds credibility, reinforces your message, and helps attract new business opportunities.

A campaign is effective when it’s aligned with your brand’s vision and core message. While it takes time for a brand to gain meaning and recognition, having a unique image that is appropriate, memorable, uncomplicated, and in line with your school’s values will add to your success. If you are looking to build respect for your brand, or boost your enrollment, it may be time to freshen up your look or your materials.

Columbus City Schools Bench Sign 2
Columbus City Schools Bench Sign
Columbus Nursing Google Ads
Columbus Nursing Social Media
Columbus City Schools Billboard 2
Columbus Nursing Social Media Branding
Columbus Nursing Digital Branding

Amazing! “Linear Creative gave our Practical Nursing Program a major facelift. From billboards to bench signs and everything digital, we now have a clean, recognizable look that matches the quality of our adult education training programs.”

– Mindy Bobich: Practical Nursing Admissions Communications Coordinator / Department of Adult & Community Education, Columbus City Schools