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Need a custom printed t-shirt, mug, pen, water bottle, tote bag, or other item to promote your company and strengthen your brand? Linear Creative streamlines the process with in-house design capabilities, including logo development, to meet our clients’ business development and marketing needs.

We partner with some of the nation’s top suppliers to curate the highest quality products at competitive prices while ensuring fast turnaround times. Instead of placing your order with an unknown entity, you can work locally with our trusted team, who will handle all the design, ordering, approval, and delivery details to save time and make your life easier.

Ask us to narrow down promotional options that fit your budget and brand.

Promotional Items | Columbia Academy | Linear Creative

A Wide Selection Of Imprintable Items

The best promotional products are those that are unique, useful, and long-lasting. When evaluating a promotional item, consider how it aligns with your brand’s identity and your audience’s values, interests, and needs.

Linear Creative offers an extensive selection of quality vetted products at various price points:


Baseball Caps

Two Tone Baseball Caps



Contigo Water Bottles

Aurora Water Bottles | Linear Creative

Aurora Water Bottles

Prism Water Bottles | Linear Creative

Prism Water Bottles

Atrium Water Bottles | Linear Creative

Atrium Water Bottles

Belmont Travel Tumblers | Linear Creative

Belmont Travel Tumblers

Brighton Travel Tumblers | Linear Creative

Brighton Travel Tumblers

Glendale Travel Tumblers | Linear Creative

Glendale Travel Tumblers

Clear View Tumblers | Linear Creative

Clear View Tumblers

Mini Tumblers | Linear Creative

Mini Tumblers

Coffee Mugs


Beverage Coolie | Linear Creative

Beverage Coolie


Alamo Prime Pens | Linear Creative

Alamo Prime Pens

Cubano Comfort Pens | Linear Creative

Cubano Comfort Pens

Cubano Comfort Pens 2 | Linear Creative

Cubano Comfort Pens 2

Ellipse Softy Pens | Linear Creative

Ellipse Softy Pens

Ellipse Softy Pens 2 | Linear Creative

Ellipse Softy Pens 2

Good Value Ion Pens | Linear Creative

Good Value Ion Pens

Good Value Ion Pens 2 | Linear Creative

Good Value Ion Pens 2

Incline Stylus Pens | Linear Creative

Incline Stylus Pens

Phoenix Pens | Linear Creative

Phoenix Pens

Pens Phoenix 2 | Linear Creative

Phoenix Pens

3 layers Note Pads | Linear Creative

3 layers Note Pads

326D Note Pads | Linear Creative

326D Note Pads

Note Pads IOOND | Linear Creative

IOOND Note Pads

USB Flash Drive | Linear Creative

USB Flash Drives

Mouse Pads

Personal Essentials

Two Tone Umbrellas | Linear Creative

Two Tone Umbrellas

Solid Color Umbrellas | Linear Creative

Solid Color Umbrellas

1 oz. Hand Sanitizer

Lip Balms

1 oz. Sunscreen | Linear Creative


Travel Kit | Linear Creative

Travel Kit

Personal Fans | Linear Creative

Personal Fans

Letter Openers | Linear Creative

Letter Openers

Ultra Clips | Linear Creative

Ultra Clips

First Aid Kit | Linear Creative

First Aid Kit

Stress Ball | Linear Creative

Stress Balls

Cell Phone Grip | Linear Creative

Cell Phone Pop up Grip

Roadway Handy Multi Tool | Linear Creative

Roadway Handy Multi Tool

Crossroad Emergency Road Kit | Linear Creative

Crossroad Emergency Road Kit

Screwdriver Set | Linear Creative

Screwdriver Set

Benefits of using promotional Products In Your Business

We work with many different types of organizations to support their branding and loyalty-building efforts at trade shows, school events, recognition events, fundraisers, job fairs, festivals, and more.

Custom promotional products offer significant benefits:


Because promotional products are purchased in high volumes, they are a more cost-effective way of delivering tailored messaging to a targeted audience than traditional advertising methods.


Products that are relevant to people are often used regularly and tend to stay in their possession for several months, increasing the chance of future sales.


The physical nature of a promotional product makes them hard to ignore, especially if they serve a valuable purpose. And with today’s imprinting technology, you can communicate your message clearly and creatively.


People love receiving gifts and appreciate being rewarded. The right product can positively change how people feel about your company.


While creating healthy relationships with customers, promotional items are a sure way to foster loyalty and encourage them to act.

Bags | Linear Creative
Golf Balls | Linear Creative
Rolled Sitting Towels | Linear Creative

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