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Ennoventure | Technology Brochure | Linear Creative

B2B Marketing Materials

Ennoventure | Technology Brochure

The B2B sales brochure remains a highly effective sales tool, especially when it’s created for print and digital distribution. Linear Creative helps elevate our corporate clients’ positions in the marketplace with professionally written and designed brochures that take readers on a concise journey, addressing their pain points and solving their problems with a clear call to action.

In this recent Ennoventure brochure, we explained a complex technology offering to manufacturers and packaging partners, helping them quickly understand how it works and its applications.

Nitor Partners | Case Studies Sheets | Linear Creative

Case Studies

Nitor Partners | Case Study Sheets

These printed cases study sheet templates were designed by Linear Creative so our client, Nitor Partners, could seamlessly promote its procurement services across different industry segments. Each case study sheet could be easily modified by replacing headlines, testimonials and market-specific photos.

Self Mailer | International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute | Linear Creative

Fundraising Literature

ICASI Scholarship Fund | Appeal Brochure

This scholarship appeal fundraising brochure was designed by Linear Creative for the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute (ICASI). ICASI trains men and women who are passionate about the culinary and pastry arts and prepares them for successful careers in the food service industry. The organization’s scholarship fund awards promising students with the funds needed to complete their ICASI education, regardless of their economic status. To convince individual, restaurant and corporate donors to become sponsors, we created the visually stunning, horizontal-format brochure that contained a mix of elegant stock and original photography. The brochure featured real-life success stories of ICASI graduates who are now excelling in their careers as chefs and as business owners, showing the opportunities gained by donating to the ICASI Scholarship Fund.

Design & Printing | David Round Crane Company Catalog | Linear Creative

Product Catalogs

The David Round Crane Company | Product Sales Brochure | Streetsboro, Ohio

This sales brochure was designed at a custom size in order to fit into a pre-existing sales packet.  The brochure was provided to existing and potential customers in order to quickly and easily reference standard material handling equipment offered by the client.

Green Olive Company | Corporate Sales Brochure | Linear Creative

Food and Specialty Retail

Green Olive Company | Corporate Sales Brochure

Linear Creative is a Columbus marketing agency that allows small retailers like Green Olive Company to afford the custom brochures they need to promote their unique product offerings. With our professional design, copywriting, and photography services, we can create personalized and visually stunning marketing materials that help you stand out in a competitive and noisy marketplace.

Print Marketing | Green Olive Company | Recipe Cards | Linear Creative

Recipe Cards

The Green Olive Company | Columbus, Ohio

Recipes are a great way to attract visitors to a food blog on your website. But they are also a great way to thank customers for online purchases and improve brand loyalty. For Green Olive Company, Linear Creative writes, designs, and prints recipe cards that our retail client ships to its Quarterly Club members, along with their olive oil and vinegar purchases. These printed recipes are a “sweet spot” in print marketing because customers enjoy receiving them. They also add product value and have remarkable staying power. 

Columbus City School of Adult Education | Poster Series | Linear Creative

Posters and Banners

Columbus City School of Adult Education | Poster Series

Print advertising is a great choice. In fact, advertisers who make print a part of their marketing mix have the potential to significantly increasing their engagement with customers, reach potential new customers, and get a greater response rates.

Nonprofit Fundraising | Big Brothers Big Sisters | Linear Creative

Event Marketing

Big Brothers Big Sisters | Summit, Medina, and Stark Counties

A well-designed, personalized direct mail invitation is an effective strategy that nonprofits can use to promote their events and increase attendance. For this annual upscale celebration that benefited Big Brothers Big Sisters of Summit, Medina, and Stark Counties, we created elegant save-the-date cards and invitations that were elegant, wine-themed, and memorable.

Direct Mail Marketing | Scott A Reitman Furniture | Main Postcard | Linear Creative

Direct Mail

Scott A. Reitman Furniture | Postcard Series

With unique, modern, high-quality furniture items built on request, this postcard series had to grab people’s attention and make them want to own a one-of-a-kind piece. Remember, creativity alone will not ensure the success of your direct mail campaign. Consider adding an attractive offer and be sure your mailing list is targeted to customers who are likely to purchase your products.

Body Sculpt Columbus | Promotional Postcards & Refferal Cards | Linear Creative


BodySculpt Columbus | Promotional Postcards & Referral Cards

Growing a successful body sculpting business requires expert positioning and targeted marketing that introduces your services to potential clients. These postcards and referral cards we developed for BodySculpt Columbus featured a limited-time offer for free consultations and rewards for referring a friend.

Fundraising Brochure | Ohio Cancer Research | Linear Creative

Fundraising Campaigns

Ohio Cancer Research | Be A Life Changer Brochure

This planned giving and endowment brochure for Ohio Cancer Research (OCR) is currently being used to promote awareness for the nonprofit organization’s “Be a Life Changer” $10 Million Endowment Campaign. We designed this six-page brochure to encourage doners to give today for a cure tomorrow. It features facts about cancer, researcher testimonials, donor giving levels, and background information on OCR.

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center | Services Brochure | Linear Creative

Consumer Sales Literature

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center | Services Brochure

Linear Creative helps cosmetic and medical spa businesses shine with customized brochures that give patients easy-to-understand information about cosmetic treatments, so they know what to expect. In this brochure for Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center, we created a fresh branded look ideal for promoting radiant skin and toned summer bodies.

Wagnalls Memorial | Wedding Planning Brochure | Linear Creative

Venue Marketing

Wagnalls Memorial | Wedding Planning Brochure

Linear Creative helps wedding venues like the Wagnalls Memorial increase their bookings with take-home brochures that showcase their facility, grounds, and services. Crafting a well-designed wedding brochure is a way to tell your story and give potential couples the information they need to seal the deal.

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