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Z-Folded Cards Pack a Big Marketing Punch. 

When z-folded cards first became popular a few years back, the multiple-panel products were largely being used as maps that users could tuck away in their pockets. After all, their unique foldout design allows for a deceivingly ample amount of landscape that’s perfect for convention floor plans and city streets. But as the visual appeal of infographics exploded across modern media channels, the folded pocket guide has taken on a whole new role.

Case in point: The comprehensive Providence House Pocket Guide that highlights the Cleveland crisis nursery center’s vital services. At just a glance, users can quickly learn WHO the center serves, WHAT they do, and the RESULTS they achieve. Developed by Linear Creative, the two-sided z-card features approximately 20 infographics that the marketing firm created to communicate powerful facts meant to spark donations, volunteering, and other types of support.

As research continues to prove that users prefer short, condensed visual content as opposed to reading even the smallest of paragraphs, a properly designed foldout card can make a big impact on an audience. The key is developing graphics that: 1) are supported by real facts; 2) tell a story; and 3) are simple to understand. Using a limited and complementary color scheme also helps.

Where are all the ordinary literature pieces that you’ve collected from different companies through the years? Foldable pocket-sized cards are a highly tactile, engaging, memorable alternative to traditional pamphlets. And the best part? Users keep them handy for longer periods of time.

The next time you want your company or organization to really stand out, try something small. It’s often the unassuming things in life that tend to get noticed the most.

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