How Do You Market A School Program?

Columbia Academy Summer Camp Enrollment Materials

As an Ohio advertising agency with years of school marketing experience, our knack for creativity has helped Columbia Academy in Maryland consistently meet its Summer Camp enrollment goals. Are you wondering how to promote your summer camp and fill up those registrations? Start by creating a theme and highlighting your camp’s unique features months before enrollment. Find a school marketing agency that can create graphics that will get parents and kids excited about attending. Consider a branded giveaway item like a themed t-shirt for early registrants. Next, complete all the print and digital marketing assets you need to reach your audience and deploy them in conjunction with a dedicated landing page.

Like our Reading Road Trip designs? Come along on a marketing journey with us to increase enrollment for your school’s programs.

Columbia Academy Enrollment Package 1
Columbia Academy Enrollment Package 2

School Enrollment: Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy Enrollment Package 3

School Enrollment Print Ads: Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy Enrollment Digital Support 4

School Enrollment Digital Marketing: Columbia Academy

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