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Columbia Academy Summer Enrollment Materials

What is the best way to advertise a private school? Postcards remain a time-tested and cost-effective school advertising strategy for increasing enrollment. They allow you to target families in your area who are most likely to be interested in your school based on criteria like income,  home value, children’s ages, move-in date, and more.

These postcards that we designed for Columbia Academy in Maryland made parents and their kids feel like anything was possible if they attended the K-8 school that delivers on its promise of individualized attention and rigorous academics. The designs could also be repurposed for digital or print ads and used on website pages to keep production costs down.

We’d love to play a role in making your school’s future a little brighter. Ask about our flexible and discounted marketing solutions for nonprofits.

New Student Enrollment Ad Camapign 1
New Student Enrollment Ad Camapign 2
New Student Enrollment Ad Camapign 3

School Enrollment Ads: Columbia Academy


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