How to get new donors and keep them engaged: Linear Creative shares practical tips that you can implement.

Today’s nonprofit leaders have had to address unprecedented challenges thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. With restrictions in place for so long, many organizations were forced to halt or adapt their activities, leaving them unable to fully meet the needs of the vulnerable populations they serve. These same leaders are now struggling to restart or continue offering programming with decreased funding sources. Now that the pandemic is mostly under control in the U.S. and the economy is getting back into full swing, it’s time for nonprofits to focus on their finances.

Linear Creative has extensive experience in helping nonprofits in Northeast Ohio increase awareness and cultivate new donors. And while there is no magic solution that will lead wealth to your door, there are proactive strategies you can employ to find the right people and convince them to give.

Try these fundraising tips to increase donations:

Set impact goals. Your supporters need a specific, measurable goal they can get behind. Whether it’s providing 1,000 meals to babies and children or doubling the research money needed to fight cancer, giving people a target and keeping them updated on its status gives everyone something to be excited about. Show potential donors your nonprofit’s value. Your agency’s value proposition helps you stand out from the over one million nonprofit organizations all competing for funding. One of the best ways to do this is through compelling videos that inform and inspire like those Linear Creative produced for Ronald McDonald House and Providence House. Both videos used real-life outcomes to put faces to the stories made possible by our clients’ work.

Deliver personalized content to potential donors. Just as you would with any new relationship, keep your communications conversational and invite potential donors to share their comments or advice. Give them access to your organization’s inner circle, keep them in the know, and make them feel appreciated with thank-you letters.

Get visual. We live in an age of information where constant bombardments of information create a scarcity of attention. Using the power of visual graphics, you can communicate your message quickly across multiple platforms. Branded images and infographics are not only eye-catching but sustain engagement and allow readers to process complex subjects.

Don’t discount direct mail. While you should optimize the donations page on your website, direct mail still accounts for the majority of donations for many nonprofit organizations. Certain donors prefer to send their gifts via personal check solicited through letters and postcards. Well-designed appeal materials such as this ICASI fundraising package developed by Linear Creative make it easier for agents to solicit top-level donors.

Linear Creative offers a variety of nonprofit fundraising strategies that can be tailored to work within your budget. And speaking of budgets, we extend a generous discount to nonprofit organizations located in Ohio. Call us today at 440.799.4325 to discuss how we can strengthen your organization for the future.

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