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A logo is effective when it is aligned with your brand’s vision and message.

Simply having the right colors in your logo increases brand recognition by up to 80%. While it takes time for a logo to gain meaning and recognition, having an original concept that is appropriate, memorable, uncomplicated and in line with your agency’s values will add to its success. Change is always a difficult decision, but what type of landmark is your current logo? Does it attract attention? Does it reflect the quality of your services? If you are looking to build respect for your brand, it may be time to consider a logo upgrade.

Logo Design | Ohio Cancer Research | Nonprofit | Linear Creative
Logo Rebranding | Ohio Cancer Research | Nonprofit | Linear Creative
Logo Rebranding | Ohio Cancer Research | Details | Linear Creative
Nonprofit Website Design | Ohio Cancer Research | Linear Creative

Ohio Cancer Research | Logo Design

Ohio Cancer Research, Columbus, Ohio – When designing a logo for a charitable organization, we strive to help the organization fit in with the highest level players in their field. For Ohio Cancer Research, that meant researching its medical partners and similar funding organizations to establish a look that put OCR at the forefront of cancer awareness, prevention and research funding. We used a clean and simple type treatment and underlined the letter “C” in red to emphasize the importance and power of the word “cancer” for better recognition and recall.

Logo Design | Wagnalls Memorial | Linear Creative
Website Branding | Wagnalls Memorial | Linear Creative
Logo Development | Wagnalls Memorial | Letterhead | Linear Creative
Digital Branding | Wagnalls Memorial | Linear Creative

Wagnalls Memorial Foundation | Logo Design

The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation serves as a fiduciary agent for the Wagnalls Memorial Library, a nearly 100-year-old, Tudor-Gothic style facility in Columbus, Ohio. The library’s unique architecture makes it a popular destination for visitors in the region. Knowing this, we incorporated a stylized representation of the landmark building. We selected a traditional typeface for the library’s name that acknowledged its historical past but used a more modern font to communicate its role in the community today.

Logo Design | E-Typist | Linear Creative
Direct Mail | E-Typist | Linear Creative
Website Design | E-Typist | Linear Creative
Rebranding | E-Typist | Linear Creative

E-Typist | Logo Design

E-typist is a legal transcription company that offers virtual dictation transcription from audio files for busy law firms. We selected blue and orange colors to convey the company’s fresh approach to a virtual assistant offering. Putting a modern spin on the typewriter wheel, we designed a fun visual element that allowed effortless placement of the letter “e” that was positioned in front of the word “TYPIST.” The tagline, Your Virtual Key to Success, was stacked neatly at the bottom to drive home the sales message.

Logo Design | Zollikon Institute | Linear Creative
Nonprofit Website Design & Development | Zollikon Institute | Linear Creative
Letterhead & Business Card Design | Zollikon Institute | Linear Creative
Digital And Print Marketing | Zollikon Institute | Linear Creative

Zollikon Institute | Logo Design

The Zollikon Institute provides Amish and Mennonite groups in Central Ohio with professional development and accredited college courses in the context of a trusted Anabaptist community. As a new initiative, its Board wanted to create a logo using pre-selected design elements that reflected the foundation of Christianity and the Institute’s ability to restore, grow, and build on the Anabaptist faith heritage.

This logo is a perfect example of how Linear Creative always listens to our clients to create a design that is meaningful to them and the communities they serve.

Logo Design | Providence House | Linear Creative
Logo Redesign | Providence House | Linear Creative
Branding Design | Providence House | Linear Creative
Nonprofit Marketing | Providence House | Linear Creative

Providence House | Logo Design

Designing logos for nonprofits is something Linear Creative has extensive experience in. We understand the importance of visually communicating a nonprofit’s mission to help an organization connect with its clients and donors. For Providence House, we used an existing concept of a bird and nest, and turned the nest into human hands that represent the Greater Cleveland Community and its proven commitment to helping protect children at risk for abuse and neglect. The baby birds represent all of the children who are cared for at the Cleveland Crisis Nursery. Bold, positive and vibrant colors were chosen to make the logo stand out and to reflect the powerful difference that Providence House makes for hundreds of local families each year.

Logo Design | Joseph Law Group | Linear Creative
Brochure Design | Joseph Law Group | Linear Creative
Print Rebranding | Joseph Law Group | Linear Creative
Website Design | Joseph Law Group | Linear Creative

Joseph Law Group | Logo Design

Here is an example of a unique law firm logo that we created for Joseph Law Group in Cleveland. The personal injury law firm wanted to focus on its “Five-Star” approach to seeking justice for the injured and its established reputation. We achieved this by incorporating a five-star quality rating element atop a pillar of justice that was placed seamlessly around the oversized letter “J” in “Joseph.” The use of heavy uppercase lettering in the name makes it stand out and contributes to the overall power of the striking design.

Logo Redesign | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission | Linear Creative
Brochure Design | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commissions | Linear Creative
Rebranding | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commissions | Linear Creative
Marketing | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commissions | Linear Creative

Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission | Logo Design

When Linear Creative was awarded a major rebranding campaign from the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission, our first marching order was to create a new logo – one that differentiated the CCVSC while appealing to veterans. We presented Jon Reiss at the CCVSC with several logo concepts to review with influencers. What we arrived at together was a design that blended contemporary with traditional, while infusing patriotic elements with the strength of an eagle’s wings. We think the result of our collaborative efforts is pretty amazing.

Logo Design | Merrick House | Cleveland | Linear Creative
Print Marketing | Merrick House | Brochure Design | Linear Creative
Print Branding | Merrick House | Linear Creative
School Enrollment Marketing | Merrick House | Linear Creative

Merrick House | Logo Design

When designing a new logo for Merrick House, we needed to incorporate the community center’s new tagline, “Lifting Lives. Strengthening Communities.” Their previous logo featured a solid, crooked house that needed an extreme makeover. We chose to keep the house theme, shifting to a cleaner design style and adding a second house to visually express the two core messages in the tagline. Using a large and small house helped communicate that Merrick House provides services for adults and children.

See how we carried the nonprofit logo design across our client’s identify materials, early education brochure, and website for a cohesive look.

Logo Design | Eye Candy Optical | Linear Creative
Business Card Design | Eye Candy Optical | Linear Creative

Eye Candy | Logo Design

When Eye Candy Optical in Cleveland asked us to design a new logo for their trendy eyeglasses business, we knew it was important that it be seen. What better way to do that than with an optical sans font used on eye test charts? Because our client’s selection of frames is fun and fashionable, we wanted to incorporate a hot pink pair glasses into the design. Turning the glasses on their side mixed things up just enough for one of the lenses to function as the letter “D” in CANDY.

Do you need a logo design for your small business or retail store? Linear Creative can help build your brand with creative custom designs at an affordable price.

Logo Design | Biggs Hill Brittanys | Linear Creative
Logo Development | Biggs Hill Brittanys | Linear Creative

Briggs Hill Brittanys | Logo Design

The Brittany is a breed of hunting dogs that are very bright, beautiful, and energetic. Originally bred as gun dogs, Brittanys excel at bird hunting and other competitive field activities. Biggs Hill Brittanys is an AKC-recognized Ohio breeder of Brittany dogs with impressive pedigrees, including AKC Field Champions and NSTRA Champions.

Linear Creative was honored to design a logo for Biggs Hill Brittanys that visually tells the story of this extraordinary breed at a glance. We included our original design concepts below to show how each design element evolved. Notice how the dog went from a passive onlooker to a highly engaged athlete ready to perform.

Logo Design | The Legacy Group | Linear Creative
Digital Marketing | The Legacy Group Website | Linear Creative
Letterhead & Business Card Design | The Legacy Group | Linear Creative
Website Marketing | The Legacy Group | Linear Creative

The Legacy Group | Logo Design

Linear Creative offers professional logo design services for insurance agencies and brokers without the high cost. We work with our clients to capture their key values and create quality designs that help boost their brand. The Legacy Group in Chagrin Falls, Ohio offers complete home, health, auto, life, business, and Medicare insurance solutions that fit their clients’ lifestyles. Linear Creative recommended a modern color palette combination that could be carried across the agency’s new website and identity materials. We used those colors to design a unique graphic element that conveyed protection and flexibility, which The Legacy Group provides throughout its clients’ life stages.

The right colors in your logo increases brand recognition by up to 80%.