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Your Logo Is The Primary Visual Representation Of Your Identity

A logo is effective when it is aligned with your brand’s vision and message.

Simply having the right colors in your logo increases brand recognition by up to 80%. While it takes time for a logo to gain meaning and recognition, having an original concept that is appropriate, memorable, uncomplicated and in line with your agency’s values will add to its success. Change is always a difficult decision, but what type of landmark is your current logo? Does it attract attention? Does it reflect the quality of your services? If you are looking to build respect for your brand, it may be time to consider a logo upgrade.

Adoption Circle Logo Design
The Nitor Network Logo Design
Joseph Law Group Logo Design
Zollikon Institute Logo Design
Merrick House Logo Design

Total Rebranding: Logo Design & Development

Client: Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission

When Linear Creative was awarded a major rebranding campaign from the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission, our first marching order was to create a new logo – one that differentiated the CCVSC while appealing to veterans. We presented Jon Reiss at the CCVSC with several logo concepts to review with influencers. What we arrived at together was a design that blended contemporary with traditional, while infusing patriotic elements with the strength of an eagle’s wings. We think the result of our collaborative efforts is pretty amazing. 

Veteran Logo
Cuyahoga County Veterans Rebranding

What The Client Is Saying

“ Linear Creative gave us several initial logo options, then worked with us to eventually create an outstanding mark that we felt best represented who we are.”

 Jon Reiss, | Executive Director | Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission

Providence House Logo Design
Eye Candy Logo Design
The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation Logo Design
E Typist Logo Design
Cuyahoga County Veterans Logo Design

Special Use Logo: Logo Design & Development

Client: Nitor Partners

Given the importance of a podcast series in attracting, engaging, educating and retaining customers, a podcast logo needs to support a company’s brand while having its own unique design. When Nitor Partners asked us to design their corporate podcast logo, they already had the great idea to base it on their actual podcast host’s appearance. A self-proclaimed “procurement nerd” with a deep understanding of supply chain management, Trevor had the perfect style and a relatable face to illustrate. Nitor’s podcast logo is a good example of how to convey trust and recognition in a simple graphic design.

The Nitor Network Logo Design
Nitor Logo Development

The right colors in your logo increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

Ohio Cancer Resource Logo Design
Dalessandro Group Logo Design
Biggs Hill Logo Design
The Legacy Group Logo Design
Souper Bowl Logo Design

Nonprofit Logo: Logo Design & Development.

Client: Providence House

Designing logos for nonprofits is something Linear Creative has extensive experience in. We understand the importance of visually communicating a nonprofit’s mission to help an organization connect with its clients and donors. For Providence House, we used an existing concept of a bird and nest, and turned the nest into human hands that represent the Greater Cleveland Community and its proven commitment to helping protect children at risk for abuse and neglect. The baby birds represent all of the children who are cared for at the Cleveland Crisis Nursery. Bold, positive and vibrant colors were chosen to make the logo stand out and to reflect the powerful difference that Providence House makes for hundreds of local families each year.

Providence House Logo Design
Providence House Logo ReDesign

What makes a good logo? it’s simple, distinctive, appropriate, practical, versatile and memorable.