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Landing Page Example To Increase School Enrollment

Columbus City School of Practical Nursing

DEDICATED LANDING PAGE: An effective tool for lead capture and conversion.

A school’s website needs to do many things, but oftentimes their sites are not developed to drive maximize enrollment. Having a standalone landing page helps get students to take a desired action. That action can range from requesting course information to enrolling in a program.

To capture leads and convert interested students, Linear Creative developed three separate landing pages targeted at a diverse audience. We placed tracking analytics to determine exactly which online sources were driving the traffic and how many forms were being submitted. Knowing how a landing page is performing helped us tailor our digital marketing efforts which proved to be a landslide for the Columbus School of Practical Nursing.

Amazing! “Incorporating a landing page into our marketing mix was something we hadn’t tried before. Linear Creative made the process fast, easy, and affordable. The number of inquiries, leads, and students enrolled has not been this high in years for our Practical Nursing Program.”

– Mindy Bobich: Practical Nursing Admissions Communications Coordinator, Department of Adult & Community Education, Columbus City Schools        

Landing Page Design & Marketing: Columbus City School Of Practical Nursing

Columbus City School of Nursing - Digital Campaign
Columbus City School of Nursing - Digital Campaign 3
Columbus City School of Nursing - Digital Campaign 2

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