Landing Page Design and Development

Generate leads, data and insight for your business with a professionally-designed landing page.

A landing page is an effective lead marketing tool because it allows you to achieve a specific goal with results that can be easily measured. It’s also a concise way to deliver a value proposition or solution to customers outside of your main website. Typically, a visitor is driven to a landing page from a campaign email, social media post, or a pay-per-click ad. An effective landing page includes a lead capture mechanism to nurture the sales pipeline.

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Maximize your website’s performance.

Built Responsive

All websites that Linear Creative designs and develops can be viewed on all devices with minimal navigation. Mobile-first, mobile-friendly is the approach we take.

Domain and Hosting Options

Linear Creative provides the option to coordinate and purchase both domain and hosting services. We can research and secure domain names for one year or multiple years.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Linear Creative uses a variety of methods, including competitor research, to identify the best, most relevant keywords for your website. Using these terms across your website and other marketing channels helps create an integrated approach. We build your website with the proper foundation for SEO success.

Security and Maintenance

Most of Linear Creative’s clients choose to take advantage of personalized maintenance and security plans that include content updates, plugin updates, analytics and reporting, hack prevention and malware cleanup.

Why create a landing page?

  • Achieve specific and measurable goals
  • Increase conversions
  • Generate data and insight
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Grow a customer mailing list
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