Drive Conversions with an Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign. 

Digital marketing may seem overwhelming since there are so many tactics you can employ to reach your goals. There are also many myths about what will and won’t generate results. The truth is when you integrate your digital and traditional marketing strategies into one cohesive campaign, all components work together toward a common objective.

There are many misconceptions of social media that lead some business leaders to believe this channel is not important to grow their business. One of the most common misconceptions is that social media is a stand-alone strategy. While it’s true a well-integrated marketing campaign does have a robust social media strategy as a component, in order to get results it should be just one element of a multi-dimensional campaign.

The primary goal of your digital marketing efforts is likely to increase awareness and drive new business to your website. Without a website that is optimized to capture leads, any social strategy is a bust.

When developing your social strategy, keep in mind that consistency and value are key. It’s important to constantly be touching your target audience with messages that are positive and memorable. Having valuable content that gets shared will help increase your reach. Many people believe that scheduled posts are the way to go. While this can be a time-saving technique, having a live person on your social media channels engaging with and growing your audience is like having a conversation with many different people one-on-one, versus using a megaphone in a crowded conference center to project your message, hoping someone hears it. Use tools to schedule posts when absolutely necessary, but always have someone dedicated to engaging with your audience to remove the robotic feel and make it a more human experience.

Another part of the integrated social strategy is, of course, measuring. Using analytics tools is a great way to measure your results, but they can also provide important insights about your audience like their age and where they are from. These tools can also help you find the best times to post your social messages to maximize your reach.

Are you watching what your competition is doing? With the influx of business coming online, the Internet is a competitive space so it’s important to know what you’re up against. Make sure you are integrating the right keywords across multiple channels and that you’ve got the analytics in place to measure results.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to test different variables to determine the best strategy for your next marketing campaign. One variable may not do well, while another may skyrocket your results – but you’ll never know until you test!

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