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I Need Trade Show Booth Graphic Design Help. 

You’ve committed to exhibiting at an upcoming trade show, but now you need to find a marketing agency with experience in trade show booth design. Someone who appreciates the investment you’ve already made, and knows how to maximize your success.

Shop around. Ask potential agencies how they go about designing for a trade show to determine whether they have a real understanding of the process. Inquire about their experience coordinating similar projects with trade show vendors. Ask which vendors they’ve worked with. If they can’t give you a solid answer, keep looking. You have a firm deadline to meet and rush charges can get really crazy on the production, shipping, and setup side of things.

An experienced marketing agency will begin a relationship immediately with your trade show vendor. They’ll obtain booth panel specifications and preferred file formats upfront. They’ll communicate any color matching instructions, will request digital mockups, PDF approvals, and even color printouts in small sections to ensure the final outputs meet all expectations. They will advocate on your behalf, while including you in the dialogue. And they’ll take great care setting up their files to watch for things like panel crossovers (where type runs across individual panels), clearance areas for built-in monitors, and proper bleed.

Let’s not forget the booth design. A good designer will know how to take your brand and convey a sense of familiarity with visuals that clearly identify who you are. Since the main purpose of your booth is to attract attendees, it’s important that your display graphics are clean and simple. When your design agency advises against clutter, listen to them. Opt instead for short headlines, a logo, and possibly small bullet points where appropriate. Your attendees aren’t stopping by your booth to read, but rather to engage in face-to-face conversation.

Lastly, most four-color display panels are designed using a CMYK build. If there is a specific pantone color you need to match (i.e. a specific color in your logo), it is important that you give this information to your design agency at the start of the project.

Hopefully these tips will help your next trade show run smoothly. For information on Linear Creative’s trade show booth design services, including how to build traffic leading up to the show, contact our Cleveland, Ohio office at (440) 799-4325.

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