It’s no surprise that video has become the highest performing content type across all social platforms. As digital marketers, we see the evidence firsthand when comparing the analytics of video ads to static ads. The combination of sound and motion typically generates over triple the engagement and leads than static images for advertisers. And thanks to continually evolving technology, marketing agencies like Linear Creative in Columbus are capturing amazing aerial footage that makes video content even more compelling.

Arranging high-quality aerial photography and video services is no longer a complicated or expensive undertaking. With minimal investment, businesses can rise above the competition, offering their customers unique and exciting perspectives that captivate hearts and minds.   


Here’s how drone photography can breathe new life into your marketing campaigns:

  • Capture stunning footage for use in a video project or other marketing materials
  • Show an eagle’s eye view to promote the uniqueness of your business or real estate
  • Incorporate aerial footage to inspire emotion and action
  • Use aerial footage as an attention-grabbing strategy
  • Give people an authentic taste of the experience you are offering
  • Achieve a stylized look that resonates with your audience
  • Show an overview of the activities surrounding an event to build excitement
  • Capture an event or highlight your company’s involvement for future marketing

If you’re looking for a professional drone photographer near Cleveland or Columbus with hours of experience, the latest equipment, and FAA licensing, contact Mike at Linear Creative at 440-799-4325 or Mike is highly specialized in all facets of video production and can request FAA airspace authorization for controlled locations.