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Build your business using Google AdWords and a pay-per-click strategy

Google AdWords marketing is an effective way to use search engine advertising to drive traffic to your website.

  • Increase site visits

  • Maximize budget

  • Advanced targeting

  • Grow revenue and ROI

Clients of our PPC management services experience higher than average ROI (Return on Investment). Trust Linear Creative for high-quality work, flexibility, and results that improve your bottom line.

Google Ad Placement - Healt Action Council
Google Ad Program & Management
Google Ads Campaign - Columbus City School Of Nursing
Event Email Campaign - Health Action Council

90% of traffic to your website starts with a an inquiry from a search engine. Should you consider some kind of a pay-per-click strategy within your marketing mix?

Building Quality Keywords

Focusing on the right keywords is only half the battle. In addition to a robust keyword strategy, we optimize your negative keyword list to eliminate clicks from searches you DON’T want.

Targeted Content

For greatest results, your corresponding landing page must have relevant content that matches up to your Google Ads. We ensure that all messaging aligns with the campaign strategy.

Measurable And Optimizable

Continuously monitoring and adjusting keywords, landing page content, bid strategy and more allows us to maximize campaign results while controlling spend.

Responsive Landing Pages

Most website traffic now comes from mobile devices. It is important that your landing page has a responsive design for visitor satisfaction and improved Google rankings.

PPC Management Services

• Highly targeted advertising
• Campaign segmentation and testing
• A/B testing
• Budget optimization
• Measured performance 

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