Email Marketing Samples That Drive Sales

A Well-Designed Email Marketing Program Can Help Build Customer Relationships And Develop New Business Opportunities.

Digital Event Marketings | Wagnalls Memorial | Linear Creative
Digital Event Marketings | Wagnalls Memorial | Fundraising | Linear Creative
Digital Event Marketings | Wagnalls Memorial | Music | Linear Creative
Digital Event Marketings | Wagnalls Memorial | Countdown | Linear Creative

Good communication and interaction with your social media channels makes it easier to achieve your marketing goals.

The Wagnalls Memorial | The Gatsby Fundraiser Custom Social Media Campaign

The Wagnalls Memorial, Our nonprofit clients often ask us how to promote an event on social media. We start early with the basics, creating event pages on Facebook and ticket selling sites like Eventbrite. Then we get to work, optimizing our client’s websites and social profiles with custom headers and creating dedicated website pages with detailed information about the event. To get people excited about the annual “Gatsby at the Wagnalls” fundraiser held at the Wagnalls Memorial, we designed a series of attention-grabbing social media posts and sponsored ads that highlighted the popular Roaring Twenties theme. What was the result? A sellout event that raised thousands of dollars for the Foundation!

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Email Marketing | David Round Crane Company | Product Of The Month | Linear Creative
Email Marketing | David Round Crane Company | Out The Door | Linear Creative

Email Marketing Drives Sales With A Higher ROI.

David Round Crane Company | Cleveland, Ohio

David Round Crane Company – When it comes to email marketing for manufacturers and industrial companies, we’ve found the targeted campaigns to be quite effective. In the materials handling solutions category, David Round has been able to stay ahead of the competition by engineering customized hoists, winches, tractor drives, and other lifting products as opposed to only producing off-the-shelf units. Each month, we featured a customized “Product Out The Door” to remind existing customers and opt-in potential customers what our client was capable of achieving for specific applications.

Email Marketing RxReins | Say Hello | Linear Creative
Email Marketing RxReins | Let's Ride | Linear Creative

Email Marketing Strengthens Relationships.

RxReins – Medical Conference Email Campaign

RxReins – RxReins is a dedicated managing general underwriter that specializes in prescription drug stop loss insurance. Linear Creative developed a visually-engaging, medical email marketing campaign to build customer leads around NJAHU, an annual health underwriting conference. A first email was deployed to a general list of attendees to create excitement about the event while positioning RXReins as a leader in this niche market. After the conference, a second email was sent to a more narrowed list of attendees who did not meet up with our client at the event. Lastly, a third email was sent to attendees who did meet with RxReins at NJAHU, thanking them for making the connection and encouraging them to start a business relationship. It’s all about touching the right audience, at the right time.

Email Marketing | Top Banana Cornice | Shipping | Linear Creative
Email Marketing | Top Banana Cornice | Measure | Linear Creative

Email Marketing Moves People To Action.

Top Banana Cornice – Cleveland, Ohio

Top Banana Cornice – For our e-commerce clients, Linear Creative designs beautiful online storefronts and an email campaign to move products and sales. Our client, Top Banana Cornice & Window Décor, offers unique valances and window treatments sold directly to consumers. Linear Creative developed stylish online solutions to make the buying process easy, taking audience preference and behavior into consideration.

Email Marketing | Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center | Venus | Linear Creative
Email Marketing | Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center | Venus Legacy | Linear Creative

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Center | Beachwood, Ohio

Email marketing is essential for medical spas as it works to increase awareness of aesthetic services, specials, and events. This go-to lead nurturing tool can be branded for a cohesive look and integrated with other marketing elements to educate existing patients and prospects about the latest trends and treatments.

Nonprofit Email Marketing | Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial | Linear Creative
Email Marketing | Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial | Linear Creative

Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial | Cleveland, Ohio

The Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial honors peace officers who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives by preserving their memories in a beautiful memorial park located at Fort Huntington Park in Downtown Cleveland. To support these fallen heroes, a dedicated fundraising website was established where donors could purchase memorial pavers inscribed with personalized messages. An email campaign helped spread awareness of the ongoing campaign and delivered increased traffic to the paver purchasing site.

Use email marketing to generate leads, drive website traffic, build brand awareness, and engage your target audiences now.