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Columbus City Schools, Adult & Community Education Branding

Columbus School City School of Adult Education, Columbus, Ohio – The Columbus School of Practical Nursing is a nationally accredited 12-month program offered through the Columbus City Schools Department of Adult and Community Education. After 60 years of excellence, the nursing program had experienced a significant decline in student enrollment, and called upon Linear Creative to help fill their class seats. Because diversity was important to our client, we created three different landing pages, social media, a Google ad campaign and total rebranding of all marketing materials, targeted at different population groups while making a concerted effort to connect with males who typically did not enroll in the program. The results? We doubled student enrollment and gained a 20% increase in male students!

Columbus Nursing-Landing Page 3
Columbus Nursing Digital Branding
Columbus Nursing Social Media Branding
Columbus Nursing Google Ads
Columbus Nursing Social Media
Columbus Nursing Online Promotion
Columbus Nursing Rebrand
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Columbus Nursing Signage