Case Study – Online Marketing

Awareness & Membership Campaign

Campaign: Expanding Membership

Client: Health Action Council

Situation Analysis:

Health Action Council (HAC) is a not-for-profit organization representing 220 large U.S. employers with a focus on enhancing health for employees and communities. The coalition leverages its combined purchasing power to obtain medical, prescription, vision, and dental coverage for its employees. HAC relies on new members to maintain its thought leadership position and be a catalyst for positive change. They selected Linear Creative to develop a digital marketing campaign that would help them gain a new set of qualified leads so their sales team could, in time, convert to new members.

Scope Of Work:

Linear Creative was asked to create two landing pages with lead capture components as well as a series of targeted digital ads that ran on Facebook and LinkedIn for a period of 15 weeks.

Landing Page & Lead Magnet | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Landing Pages with Lead Capturing

Targeted Digital Ad Campaign | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Targeted Digital Ad Campaign

Lead Magnet Used On Landing Page | Health Action Council | Linear Creative

Lead Magnet Used On Landing Page

Communications Plan And Budget:

With an initial budget of $46,000, we developed a paid digital ad campaign targeted at key decision makers in U.S. companies. Specific messaging was developed to reach chief financial officers, controllers and HR directors of benefits. A lead magnet was used on the landing page to encourage visitors to share their contact information in exchange for a “Community Study” with valuable data insights that corresponded to their company’s location.


The sales process of converting a new member typically takes one to one-and-a-half years. By creating digital ads that addressed each audience’s pain points and offering them an incentive, we achieved click-through rates at 235% above the industry average. While HAC continues to acquire new members originally captured by our campaign, their testimonial speaks volumes about our shared success.

What The Client Is

Health Action Council partnered with Linear Creative to develop and execute a large and complex digital media ad campaign to support our brand initiatives and sales strategy. The campaign was a success in both lifting brand awareness and providing qualified leads for our sales team. Linear Creative worked diligently to locate new avenues for exposure to our target audience which ultimately aided in the resounding success of Health Action Council getting in front of exactly the right buyers and decision makers.”

David Phillips, | Operational & Special Projects Leader | Health Action Council