Branding Defines How People View Your Company, Products, And Services.

Linear Creative Can Help Shape Your Brand And Distinguish You From The Competition.

Branding is quite likely the most fundamental part of your marketing strategy. This all-encompassing concept involves naming, colors, logos, and designs that people will readily recognize and associate with your company or organization. Put our years of branding expertise to work for you!

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Branding A Body Contouring Business

BodySculpt Columbus | Marketing Materials

With so many body sculpting solutions on the market, having a defined brand can help differentiate your business from the competition. For BodySculpt Columbus, that meant creating a look that reflected the high value of its services while incorporating benefits into every marketing element. Sometimes, educating the customer is the biggest part of a branding strategy.

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Succesfully Branding A School To Boost Enrollment

Zollikon Institute | Marketing Materials

Creating a brand strategy for a private school requires a genuine understanding of the organization’s mission, community, and educational offerings. Working with Zollikin Institute in Berlin, Ohio, we collaborated on a branding strategy that helped defined the Institute’s educational offerings designed to restore, build, and grow the Anabaptist faith heritage among Amish and Mennonite groups.

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A Look At A Successful Nonprofit Rebrand

The Wagnalls Memorial – Marketing Materials

From a stylized representation of our client’s landmark building to fresh colors and carefully chosen images, we took great care in the rebranding of the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation to connect the future with the past. Wagnalls has a rich history that dates back to the early 1920s. The remarkable Tudor-Gothic style library serves as a cultural center for the city of Lithopolis and surrounding areas.

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Branding For Law Firms

Joseph Law Group | Marketing Materials

Recently Linear Creative helped create a visual brand for Joseph Law Group, a premier personal injury law firm in Cleveland. Building upon the firm’s five-star legal services and promise to help victims regain their lives, we created a logo and website look that positioned Joseph Law Group as the gold standard in personal injury representation.

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Rebranding | Youngstown Business Incubator | Linear Creative
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A Look At A Successful Nonprofit Rebrand

Youngstown Business Incubator | Marketing Materials

Fresh, bold, honest, and green with hints of optimism and hard work. That was the vibe we strived to create in these marketing materials developed for the Youngstown Business Incubator. The organization invests in today’s brightest entrepreneurs, helping their innovative businesses reach new heights to create economic growth in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Let Linear Creative create a stunning and seamless brand experience for your customers! 

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Zaremba Homes | Cleveland, Ohio

For custom builders like Zaremba Homes, sales hinge on the perception of ideal buyers. Linear Creative helped this Cleveland company develop a visually powerful brand that helped increase awareness and command respect in a crowded marketplace. Looking to carve out a greater slice of market share? Talk to the pros at Linear Creative about how we can help influence consumers’ decisions.

Branding is critical because it helps creates trust within the marketplace.