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Thinking About The Marketing Track Ahead?

There is never just one right approach when it comes to marketing, and sometimes you have to adjust as you go along. However, by working closely with our clients and sticking to a streamlined process, we’ve helped to achieve measured success… campaign after campaign after campaign.

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Our Advertising And Marketing Approach

Our working style is friendly and relaxed, however, our approach is more tactical in nature. We follow a 12-step process so we can adhere to a pathway that’s focused on campaign success.

Along that pathway is valued relationships we build with all our clients. Working as your partner, we will help you determine affordable advertising and marketing solutions that can grow your business now and in the future.  

Currently, there are a lot of “boutique” agencies popping up around town, and quite honestly, many of us do the same thing. While we believe working with a small agency offers big advantages, we also believe that experience matters. Linear Creative did not just pop up when the digital scene erupted. In fact, several of our key team members have more than 20+ years of industry experience across a wide spectrum of niche markets. These seasoned pros know what works and what doesn’t, and they are never learning on your dime.

Whether you are looking for website design, a landing page, a social media strategy, a corporate brochure, a video, or any other evolving marketing tool, Linear Creative welcomes the opportunity to drive your project from start to finish. 

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Our 12-Step Marketing Process Yields Impressive Results.

Linear Creative uses an organized model to approach our marketing communications strategies. We refer to it as “Avenue 12,” representing a continuous pathway of 12 steps that lead to effective campaign results. Its major components are outlined below:

1 Marketing Objective

We work closely with our client, asking the right questions, learning the big picture, and agreeing on the most important goals they would like to achieve in the short term and long term.

2 Communications Objective

We determine what actions our client wants their audience to take, and we discuss any barriers that might prevent that action from occurring.

3 Unique Selling Points

It is imperative that we communicate what the target audience will gain from a client’s offering. Why is their product or service better than that of the competition? Do we need to improve their standing?

4 Primary Audience

Aside from identifying the obvious demographics, we compile research and trends to fully understand the psychology behind an audience’s behavior. We explore ways to penetrate their minds, educate them, and convince them to try a new solution.

5 Competitor Research

We do our homework. We visit competitors’ locations when possible, look at their shelf space, evaluate their online presence, determine their approximate spend, and collect as much material as we can to determine how to best set our client apart.

6 Budget

This sometimes feels like the elephant in the room, but the reality is establishing a budget will dictate how much we can achieve in a given period of time. A well-targeted campaign taking all factors into consideration will accomplish optimum results.

7 Message

We brainstorm as creatives, as parents, as community members, and as humans with unique experiences and backgrounds to determine the overarching theme, and any supporting points so we can craft a succinct message that can be told and retold across various platforms.

8 Vehicles

We assess and identify all vehicles for delivery, and determine the best methods to reach the audience. We decide which types of marketing materials we should begin to develop, and we create a calendar of milestone dates and action items to ensure all deadlines are met.

9 Concept / Design

We start with rough drafts to give our client an idea of how each project will take shape. We then narrow down all the basic graphic design elements including colors, fonts, and photography. And we decide on the best tone to take when writing copy so our client’s voice is conveyed in the manner they wish to be heard.

10 Testing

At times, we will develop variations of a campaign to test which version yields the best results. When a client asks us why test, we respond why not? If they are investing in a long-term marketing campaign, why not see what works best and execute based on success.

11 Execute

Here is where we tie all the integrated elements together. We secure final approvals while taking great care to ensure absolute quality. We partner with a select group of trusted outside resources, including local printers, who consistently help us meet promised deadlines.

12 Analyze / Adjust

Today’s sophisticated client expects measurable results. From Google AdWords to landing page conversions, we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and use that information to make adjustments if needed.

Partnerships And Recognitions That Drives Success

Working with Linear Creative gives you access to a team of marketing professionals who combine their talents and expertise with the latest data-driven technologies to help your company grow and get recognized within your specific industry.

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